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Braised beef bolognese (long awaited part 3)

So, I meant to post this before going on vacation but got so busy packing. Sorry for the long wait! I’ll make up for it by posting some of the things I ate on my cruise. Also if youve made part 1 and 2 you really just have to add them together (I bet you could have figured that out yourself) and add a bit more personality.

Braised beef (whole recipe from part 1)

Sauce (whole recipe from part 2)

1 lb hot Italian sausage, ground

1 lb ground veal

1/2 cup red wine

If your sauce is not still hot, throw it in a pot to heat it through. Make sure your braised beef is pulled or chopped into small bite sized pieces and add to sauce. Brown your ground sausage and veal. Deglaze pan with red wine and add all of this to your sauce. Let sauce simmer for another 30 min - 1 hour. Serve over pasta. Larger/thick pasta work best for this (try rigatoni or tagliatelle).

Variations and ideas:

  1. Top your bowl of pasta with a dollop of ricotta (mix with fresh herbs and lemon zest first) for a creamy tangy bite

  2. Consider adding 6 oz grated Parmesan cheese to the sauce

  3. You can do this with any meat you have. Boneless pork ribs, ground lamb, ground venison, ground pork, chopped pork tenderloin, etc. Making this with leftover meat will make your Italian ancestors proud.

  4. We can talk more about this later but, making your own pasta is a way to pay respect to fine ingredients in your sauce.

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